U.S. Administrative Law Judge sides with VNS Depression Patient


From: Amy [mailto:keyanote@gmail.com]
Sent: Monday, July 07, 2014 5:41 PM
To: Herbert Stein
Subject: Re: FW: VNS Therapy for Depression…

Hello, yes definitely share this.  I had a phone hearing with this judge and my physician.  It says he works for HHS so I would assume this is a federal decision not just the state of Indiana.  

I am doing very well.  Last month I had the VNS turned up so now it is at the setting is was before the impedance happened. It had to be turned up slowly.  Still have up and down days but mostly good!

Herb, you saved my life.  At times the only thing that kept me from taking my own life was the hope that CMS would pay for the battery changes and the surgery to correct my VNS.  

If there is any other way for me to help please let me know.  I attached the whole appeal judgement. 

~ Amy




About vnstherapy

I'm a very, very long-time support person and health care and mental health advocate/activist for my spouse Joyce as well as to others. I'm also a retired business executive and former Board Member, President and facilitator of a local chapter of DBSA as well as a Florida State appointment as a Guardian Advocate. I do not endorse, promote or advertise for any therapy, product or company. I do share our personal experiences, my research and knowledge in the hope it might benefit someone or do I give advice as to what one should or shouldn't do. I extend my best wishes for wellness to one and all and all the good you’d wish for yourselves.
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